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Lawn Fertilization Services

Your lawn can be lush and weed free – even a St. Louis lawn that fights the ups and downs of our midwest weather – can remain green all year long.
At Hackmann Lawn, we provide each customer with a personalized fertilization plan for their lawn, which may consist of regular fertilizer applications, weed pre-emergent treatments, and post-emergent lawn treatments. Professional fertilizer products will be applied by a licensed commercial applicator to maintain the lawn throughout the season. Products will be applied at the recommended application rate. Each service will be performed within the scheduled date range set forth per application. Upon each service, a lawn marker will be left in your lawn to indicate that the service has been performed.

Our Lawn Care Approach

To meet the needs and budgets of our customers, we offer several approaches to our ongoing lawn fertilization services. Early spring fertilization services are focused on helping your lawn overcome winter’s effects, and to help it green up. Additionally, our early spring services help control and prevent annual weeds. Late spring treatments prepare the lawn for the heat and potential damage that comes with summer’s severe weather. Summer and early fall treatments protect lawn hardiness, reduces incidents of lawn disease, and helps to replenish microorganisms your lawn needs to thrive.
Comprehensive Total Control Plan:

6-step Fertilization Program

  • This is a 6-step fertilization plan
  • Includes treatments monthly March, April, May, July, September, and October
  • Protect + Maintain + Sustain approach
  • Guaranteed weed control
Lawn Plus Plan:

5-step Fertilization Program

  • This is a 5-step lawn fertilization plan
  • Includes treatments in March, April, June, September, and October
  • Designed for non-irrigated yards
Maintenance Plan:

3-step Lawn Fertilization Program

  • This is a 3-step lawn fertilization plan
  • Includes treatments in March, June, and October

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