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Professional Fertilization Services in St. Louis, MO

Lawn fertilization and weed control are crucial for nurturing a healthy lawn. Our fertilization services in St. Louis, MO, involve applying customized mixtures to provide essential nutrients for robust growth. Grass fertilizers are vital for lush, weed-free lawns, even in the challenging Midwest weather of St. Louis. With our expert team, your lawn can remain green and vibrant year-round. Take the first step towards a thriving lawn with our tailored fertilizer program.

At Hackmann Lawn, we provide each customer with a personalized fertilization treatment plan for their lawn, which may consist of a range of applications.  Including regular fertilizer applications, weed pre-emergent treatments, and post-emergent lawn treatments.  When you want your lawn to look its best its best to hire lawn professionals. At Hackmann lawn we only us professional fertilizer products will be applied by a licensed commercial applicator to maintain and support the lawn throughout the season. Professional lawn products will be applied at the recommended application rate to maximize growth and health. Each fertilizer service will be performed within the scheduled date range set forth per application. Upon each service, a lawn marker will be left in your lawn to indicate that the service has been performed.

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Green Lawn

Spring Lawn Treatment

Ideally your lawn area has been cleared of leaves and debris by the end of January.  If your lawn isn’t cleaned up by the end of January we recommend calling us now.  February is the perfect time to book your first fertilizer lawn treatment.  This will ensure perfect timing for the application in March.

Our fully trained and full time experts will get your lawn looking perfect and save you the hassle of working out the best way to fertilize and prepare your lawn.  By timing the correct application of weed control and fertilizer to your lawn our team adds the needed nutrients. The Hackmann lawn expert will apply the custom treatments that will ensure your lawn flourishes throughout the year.

Contact us now. This ensures our professional lawn team can take the time to prepare your lawn fertilzation plan. We will implement your custome plan maximizing lawn benefits.

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Benefits of Fertilizer on Lawn

Winter Soil Preparation

Treat your soil in Winter for the perfect Spring lawn growth and color.

The application of lime to soil elevates its pH, effectively reducing acidity, while gypsum aids in addressing compacted soil and mitigating excessive saline levels. Utilizing these products in tandem provides optimal results and cost-effectiveness.

Installation benefits:


  • pH Adjustment: Alters the pH of acidic soil, influencing the availability of crucial plant nutrients.
  • Biological Activity: Fosters biological activity beneficial for plant growth, promoting the cycling of organic matter and nutrient turnover.
  • Calcium and Magnesium Supply: Delivers plant-accessible calcium and magnesium.
  • Soil Structure Enhancement: Contributes to improved soil structure and tilth.
  • Toxic Concentration Reduction: Diminishes elevated concentrations of aluminum, manganese, and iron associated with acidic pH conditions.


  • Sulfur and Calcium Provision: Provides moderately soluble forms of sulfur and calcium readily available to plants.
  • Sodic Soil Reclamation: Commonly employed for the reclamation of sodic soils.
  • Physical Property Improvement: Enhances the physical properties of specific soils, reducing surface crusting through soil particle dispersion.
  • Improved Water Infiltration: Augments water infiltration at the soil surface.

Our Lawn Care Approach

To meet the needs and budgets of our customers, we offer several approaches to our ongoing lawn fertilization services. Early spring fertilization services are focused on helping your lawn overcome winter’s effects, and to help it green up. Additionally, our early spring services help control and prevent annual weeds. Late spring treatments prepare the lawn for the heat and potential damage that comes with summer’s severe weather. Summer and early fall treatments protect lawn hardiness, reduces incidents of lawn disease, and helps to replenish microorganisms your lawn needs to thrive.
Comprehensive Total Control Plan:

6-step Fertilization Program

  • This is a 6-step fertilization plan
  • Includes treatments monthly March, April, May, July, September, and October
  • Protect + Maintain + Sustain approach
  • Guaranteed weed control
Lawn Plus Plan:

5-step Fertilization Program

  • This is a 5-step lawn fertilization plan
  • Includes treatments in March, April, June, September, and October
  • Designed for non-irrigated yards
Maintenance Plan:

3-step Lawn Fertilization Program

  • This is a 3-step lawn fertilization plan
  • Includes treatments in March, June, and October

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