Lawn Aeration

lawn fertilizer


If you are wanting a lush, weed free lawn, a personalized fertilization plan can be made for you! Each plan consists of regular fertilizers, weed pre-emergents, and post-emergents. Professional fertilizer products are applied by a licensed commercial applicator to maintain the lawn throughout the season.

Lawn Fertilization & Maintenance Packages

We offer lawn care solutions to help protect, support, nourish, and maintain your lawn. Click here to view our lawn fertilizer packages, and to schedule your services.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a cornerstone in our lawn care and maintenance programs. The importance of aeration put simply is that your lawn needs to breathe. The more your lawn is walked on or used, the more compacted the soil gets. Having loose soil that is able to breathe easily allows nutrients, water, fertilizer and pesticides into your lawn. Aeration also permits grass roots to extend into the soil in order to grow healthier and stronger. We offer lawn aeration in fall, summer and spring, but it is recommended to aerate your lawn in the fall. That way we can get started fertilizing your lawn and adding any other products you prefer the best and healthiest way possible.

Who should aerate their lawn?

Your lawn should be aerated on a regular basis if:

  • Your lawn gets heavy use from kids, animals, or sports. If your soil gets compacted on a regular basis, aeration will help deliver air, water, and nutrients to grass roots on soil that’s been packed down.
  • Your lawn is part of a newer construction home. If your home was custom-built, your soil was likely compacted during the construction process, which can strangle roots and prevent adequate growth.
  • Your lawn dries out easily and still has a spongy feel. If you find this to be true of your lawn, your lawn may have thatching issue.
  • Your grass appears unhealthy, or is struggling to thrive.