Why Hire a Landscaping Company for your Outdoor Living Space?

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Outdoor Landscape Patio

Is your yard or garden in St. Charles or St. Louis, Missouri not living up to the vision you have in your head? Do you avoid spending time in it because it’s not pretty or functional enough to use for socializing?

If so, hiring experienced landscape designers can help turn your dreams of a beautiful, usable outdoor living space into a real place for you and your favorite people to gather and relax.

Here are three reasons that you should hire a landscaping company instead of going the DIY route.

1. We Have Extensive Knowledge of Landscape Design Elements

At Hackmann Lawn & Landscape, we have many years of experience creating attractive designs for terraces, gardens, pools, and all other kinds of backyard oases. This means we’re well versed in all types of landscape design elements, from stone retaining walls and firepits to native grasses and flowers.

No matter what look or layout strikes your fancy, with our extensive knowledge, you’ll find that the sky’s the limit for your landscape.

Hardscape2. We Can Bring Your Landscaping Vision From Concept to Reality

It’s not easy taking the landscape design you have in your head and making it a reality.

For one thing, designing an outdoor living space doesn’t just involve picking colors or plants. There are a lot of technical considerations that go into it, as well.

Among other things, you’ll need to determine the best place to build a retaining wall (if you want one) and decide on which building materials will match your aesthetic while also fitting within your budget.

Most homeowners may not have the time, knowledge, or even ability to address these and other equally important concerns.

This is where a landscaping company is invaluable! We can take your concept and work with the potential of your existing space to bring it to life. That leaves you free to enjoy the creative process without getting bogged down in details of the execution.

3. We Can Maintain Your Outdoor Living Space After It’s All Done

A wonderful bonus of working with a landscaping company like Hackmann is that we also provide lawn care and maintenance services.

So, not only can we help you design and create a unique outdoor living space, but we can also come back on a regular schedule to keep it looking its best.

The best part is you don’t have to waste time hunting for a lawn service that understands your wants and needs. By that time, you’ll already be familiar with us and our work, so continuing to work together on maintaining your lawn or garden will be easy!

Don’t miss out on the best in outdoor living spaces from Hackmann Lawn & Landscape, a professional landscaping company servicing St. Louis and St. Charles, MO! Call a (636) 688-6647 for a free quote.

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