How To Minimize Brown Spots And Fungus On Your Lawn

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It has been a difficult spring and early summer to say the least. Non stop rain and flooding this spring has transitioned to high heat and humidity. In the past 7 years, only 2014 mirrors the type of spring and early summer we are experiencing here in Missouri, so you can see why we need to be constantly updating our plans and adjusting to different conditions.


Cool season grass started getting hammered with fungus around the first of July and has continued with high nighttime lows and continued high soil moisture levels in many areas. We’ve been observing it all over, as well as getting calls from many of you who are seeing the same thing. Looking around, you will see that you are not the only one affected this season.

Are you worried your lawn won’t survive the 2019 summer?

Well maintained grass will tolerate some fungus and summer stress, but even that can be overtaken by this burst of damaging disease. It’s important to act quickly and address the problem sooner rather than later. You don’t want brown spots and fungus to spread and cause even more damage to your landscape.

Top tips for minimizing damage

  1. Fungicide applications
  2. Raise mowing heights to no less than 3″
  3. If irrigating, it is best to water in the early morning
  4. Early planning to aerate and overseed damaged areas in the fall


As always, all of us here at Hackmann Lawn are doing our best to keep your properties looking good, while also combatting all of the extra surprises that Mother Nature seems to throw at us from year to year! If your lawn needs some extra care, don’t hesitate to contact us!