Keeping Your Lawn Healthy With Pets And Kids

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We take care of our lawn so we can provide an open area for fun and relaxing recreational activities. Being able to maintain a healthy yard also shows that you truly care for those who use it.

Of course, all that foot traffic on your lawn can cause some damage. The good news is there are precautions that you can take that will help minimize damage on your beautiful outdoor space.

Here are tips on how you can keep your lawn healthy even with pets and kids running all over it!

keeping lawn healthy pets and kids

Have a plan for kids play areas

It’s good for kids to spend time outdoors as they get away from the internet and their gadgets. They also get sunshine, fresh air, and the exercise. But running around the lawn tends to kill grass. Frequently used areas may have bare spots. Here are tips on how you can take care of your lawn, without restricting kids to freely play on it.

  • Move large or heavy items like kid’s pools and Slip-n-Slides to a different area every other day. This will help prevent the grass underneath them from turning brown. It’s better if you remove and store them somewhere off the lawn when not in use.
  • To prevent bare spots, apply mulch or pea gravel under monkey bars, swing sets or any areas where children often play.
  • Talk to your children about helping you care for the lawn. Let them know about the areas where they can dig and play and where they can’t. If your kids really enjoy digging and playing with sand, you might want to provide them with a sandbox so that they can do their digging in a designated area.


Dealing with Pets

Pets bring our families happiness and good mental health, but we all know that they sometimes destroy things around our home, including our yard. They love to dig, chew on plants, and urinate on several areas when they spend time outdoors. Even though this natural behavior of our pets can be a hassle, we still love them and we want to make sure that they enjoy playing in the yard. Here are measures that you can practice to protect your lawn from being damaged by pets.

  • The areas where pets frequently run around can turn into bare pathways or spots. You can mulch that area and grow bushes or tall grasses to make it hard for pets to move freely through it.
  • If you have flower beds where your dog likes to dig, you can protect them with a decorative fence or an edging made out of bricks or stones. It’s also a good idea to add bushes and shrubs.
  • You should take note of the areas in your lawn where your dog usually urinates. Watch over your dog when it pees and immediately rinse that area with a hose or a bucket of water. Dog urine kills grass when it stays on it for too long. Female dogs tend to urinate in just one spot, while males tend to become territorial of the whole yard by urinating in several areas.

Is your yard ready for outdoor fun?

If you love to play with your kids and pets outside, why not set up your yard with a great patio, landscape lighting, and seating so that you can enjoy your outdoor space? Contact Hackmann Lawn and Landscape to discuss your landscape design goals. We love doing custom work and would love to help.