Planning The Perfect Outdoor Space

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The weather is starting to get warmer and many of us love to spend time in the outdoors with our family and friends. Nature’s beauty gives us the calmness and serenity that we need. But wouldn’t it be nice if you had access to a beautiful and peaceful outdoor sanctuary right in your own yard?

A great-looking and functional outdoor area is a great way to entertain guests. It should be one of the highlights of your home. Let’s get started by learning tips on how to plan the perfect outdoor space.

plan an outdoor space

Be creative

The very first step to creating the perfect outdoor space is imagining what you would want it to turn into. Would you want a nice dining area? An entertaining patio? A cool playground for kids? Be creative and think of a concept that will be meaningful to you. This will add more sentimental value to your outdoor sanctuary. If you want more ideas, you can always look at the latest design trends in color, textures, and materials. Observe or ask how people are using their outdoor spaces. Another styling tip is that your outdoor space should seem like an extension of your home. Don’t build a totally different space that diverts from your interior design. Go indoors and look out the windows to see what would look pleasant when you look outside.

Draw your landscape plan

Now that you have your concept in mind, you should put your plan on paper. Make a bird’s eye view of your project. Use ovals, boxes and lines that represent different parts of your yard. Think of how you will link those parts together with walkways and lawn areas. Transitioning from one space to another is also crucial. If you want to keep it simple, you can change the floor material or elevate one portion from another to create the impression of separate spaces.


It’s ok to start small

You may already have your ultimate outdoor space design planned, but you should still consider what materials and maintenance you can afford. You can start by setting practical and workable goals while keeping your long-term vision along the way. There’s always room for improvement. You can take a look at the yard as there might be things that you want to keep and improvise upon. Our landscape design experts can help you make a long-term plan for your yard if you’d like to slowly make changes.

Consider your location and its regulations

There might be specific regulations that you need to follow before proceeding with the construction. Check if your city or homeowner’s association requires you to secure a permit or place limits on landscape aspects such a fence height, building materials, etc. Be careful to not violate the rules, so as to turn your project into a success and avoid being charged with fines. Other than that, you might want to consider your environment. If animals tend to walk freely in your area, you should add a fence to your yard to prevent your plants from being eaten or destroyed. If there are mosquitoes, you can place mosquito nettings to make your outdoor space more comfortable and even aesthetically pleasing. Feeling overwhelmed by city ordinances? Don’t worry, our team can help you with that too!

Decorate with greenery and lighting

Make sure to provide lots of room for plants and trees in your outdoor space. You might want to consider placing more small plants rather than large plants to conserve space. Plan where you will position your sprinklers and drainage pipes to make sure your plants are properly maintained. You can also add fountains to add more touch of nature to your yard. You can buy ready-made fountains that can be easily plugged in a socket nearby.

You can also add lighting to set a dramatic mood and emphasize tree trunks and branches. Add a soft glow to plants and pathways by hiding light behind the plants. Candles and chandeliers can also make any venue look more romantic.

Seek help from a professional

Planning your ideal outdoor space can be very overwhelming and challenging. But you can always work with a landscape advisor who can help you plan and implement your project. These professionals will help create the best outdoor space for every budget. They can come up with better ideas that you might want to include in your plan.

As long as you have neatly planned your project, you should be satisfied with the outcome of the construction. The best thing about keeping a detailed plan is that you don’t need to pressure yourself to finish everything at once. You can always improve your outdoor space little by little. Always plan ahead, and you’ll eventually achieve your dream outdoor area.

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