Winter Hardscaping Project Ideas

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Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the off season and perform some upgrades to your yard. Hardscaping projects such as fire pits, sidewalks, driveways, walls, and stairs can all be worked on throughout the winter. Completing projects like these during the winter gives you the benefit of maximizing the amount of time you can spend enjoying your beautiful yard come spring.

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Pavers, Flagstone, and Decorative Gravel

Paving is a great option for a hardscaping venture as there are various kind of projects you could engage in; patios, driveways, and paths are all great options for your yard. In addition, paving requires little effort to maintain, repair is easy, and it is extremely durable in both hot and cold weather. Generally you’re going to want to use stone pavers which are easier to maintain and more durable. However, you may also want to consider flagstone (a rock that has been cut/split into flat layers) for a more rustic look. You can also use flagstone to diversify the color, texture, and look of your driveway, pathway, or patio.

Another use for flagstone is laying smaller pieces of it in an area and then filling it with decorative gravel. Decorative rocks and gravel come in various colors, from white beach pebbles and black river pebbles, to brown, khaki, and red rocks. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that you’ll always find something that works for your yard. Once you decide on what rock you want to use you’re going to want to pack down the soil in the area. Laying down weed fabric after this will create a barrier between the soil and the gravel that prevents weeds from growing. It’s also useful to use a pre-emergent weed control application to help control weeds in the rock bed.

Patios & Firepits

If you have the space, a patio is a great winter hardscaping project, and come spring it can serve as the centerpiece of the entire landscape – especially if you’re planning on entertaining. Once you choose a location for your patio you’re going to want to decide on the right pavers or flagstone to use. Taste, budget, and look all come into play here. For example, are you considering this as an opportunity to change the look and style of your yard? Or are you just upgrading the yard within its current style? Either way we recommend Belgard pavers since they offer a diverse range of eye catching paving stones with styles ranging from classic to contemporary.

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Fire pits are another great hardscaping project to consider for the winter. There are various kinds of fire pits available on the market, from propane and gel fire pits to the more popular and classic wood burning fire pits. Wood burning fire pits are the standard for both keeping warm, and when it comes cooking outside as many people enjoy the a smoky flavor it produces. Like many other hardscaping projects fire pits also come in various styles and materials. From the traditional Spanish style chimenea, usually made of terracotta, to an above ground bowl style fire pit made of metal, there are fire pit styles to fit all tastes and yards.

Remember, once your fire pit is done, you don’t have to wait until spring to use it. Test it in the cold weather and get warm and cozy outside for a bit!

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Don’t forget that other items such as an arbor, a stone bench, or even a garden sculpture are all great eye catching hardscaping items that can add that final focal point for your yard that you may be looking for.

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